Age UK logo on brick wallAge UK Lewisham & Southwark supports thousands of older people from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds each year. The charity works to improve later life for older people by providing a range of services. These include day care, healthy living, help at home, information and advice, outreach and volunteering.
The charity recently refurbished Stones End Centre, which supports up to 75 older people each week many of whom are disabled and/or have some level of dementia. The works cost around £160,000 and The Foundation awarded a grant of £20,000 towards the project.
The charity said:

The age UK logo is frosted onto an office window. Outside the office are three comfy chairs.“previously the space was dark, disorganised and unwelcoming…the
money we received from [Clothworkers’] enabled us to clear everything and start from scratch with a more coherent and effective plan to make the centre light, bright and user friendly”

Staff at the charity have reported that, since the works, the centre is calmer and happier. This is backed up by comments from the people who use the services at Stones End:
MAin room with tables, chairs, and art on the walls.
“I love the garden, it’s really pretty and I can’t wait to see the summer flowers”

“it was such a mess before, now it’s all bright and fresh”


The renovations have enabled the organsiation to work more efficiently and continue to attract high quality staff and volunteers, as well ensuring that older people:
Feel more valued
Have more choice and control
Have increased levels of social inclusion
Have enhanced physical and mental wellbeing
Become more physically active
Have enhanced mental stimulation
Feel more comfortable and safe
Have increased levels of enjoyment and fulfilment