Autism Wessex

The Autism Wessex logoAutism Wessex runs a residential school as well as providing other services such as respite care.

When young people finish their education at the school, most are keen to stay in the care of the charity. The long term security of any placement is important to the young people and their parents, because changes in routine and structure are extremely difficult for people with autism to cope with.

The charity has taken a policy decision to provide homes where no more than 4 people live at any one time  this enables a more normal life, especially in contrast to larger establishments where 20-30 residents live in one building.

We awarded a grant of £20,000 towards purchasing Rose Cottage, a 4 bedroom detached property, last year. The house and extensive refurbishment cost £680,000 and all of the residents had moved in by February this year.

The project has been a great success and one example of this is the case of Mark – one of the residents of Rose Cottage.

Mark’s mum said:

One of the bedrooms in Rose CottageThe Charity has given us so much support ... As  for  Mark [they have] provided  him  with  what  he  needed;  an  education,  as  much independence as possible, and a wonderful second family.
The staff at The Wessex Autistic Society has always treated him with love and we trust them 100%. Mark is encouraged to pursue his passion for trampolining, swimming, wall climbing and various other sports. He is encouraged to pursue the dreams and aspirations that make him who he is.
Now we enter a new transition as Mark moves from Portfield School to his new home, Rose Cottage. We were so anxious for Mark to stay in the care of the Charity, but initially thought this wouldn’t be possible. We are so delighted that the Charity purchased Rose Cottage and we received funding for a place for Mark.

The other residents of Rose Cottage all have similar stories, and the home will provide a safe living environment for people with autism for years to come.

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