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(CCF) delivers accredited mentoring training and employability workshops, as well as numeracy and literacy courses, to ex-offenders, young people at risk of school exclusion and those Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). 

CCF were awarded a grant of £7,700 in June 2013, towards the purchase of IT equipment to expand its delivery of accredited education and training services, to meet the specific needs of the client group and community.

They delivered Level 3 Mentoring Training Provision, and supported 25 local volunteers, including ex-offenders, to become professionally qualified mentor practitioners, providing one to one mentoring support to young people involved in offending behaviour.  In addition, the equipment has been used at the local training hub, to improve access to education, training and employment for ex-offenders by delivering literacy, numeracy and employability courses.

 “Being involved with CCF has made me really want to change my life, I want to get a job and live my life, instead of getting into trouble all the time” (service user, aged 24).

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable going college right now… cos of my previous lifestyle.  CCF provided a good environment for me to learn and I feel more confident now about my education” (service user, aged 24)

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