Foyle Down Syndrome Trust

Foyle Down Syndrome Trust provides support and education for children with Down Syndrome aged 0-16 and their families. They provide one-to-one home based education and organise weekly social, personal and life skills programmes for young people. This helps them to integrate into the community whilst increasing their confidence and self-esteem in order to support them on their way to achieve their full and individual potential. They also offer weekly Parent Support Groups and organise regular workshops and seminars to provide up to date information on the best support for children with Down Syndrome.  
The Foundation awarded Foyle Down Syndrome Trust £10,000 in 2015 to purchase equipment for a new sensory room for the younger children in particular.
The sensory room has now been open for a number of months and has received extremely positive feedback. Parents, teachers and project staff have all reported significant differences to the children since they have been using the new equipment. Improvements include concentration skills, mobility, communication skills and social skills.
The room is also open to local schools and is being used by their students with autism. They have also reported positive changes in the children including improved relaxation techniques and a reduction in challenging behaviour.
Overall, it appears as though the new sensory room has been an excellent addition to the services that Foyle Down Syndrome Trust provide and is not only benefitting the young people attending regular sessions but also members of the wider community. 
Photo credit: Foyle Down Syndrome Trust