The Fifth Trust provides services to adults with learning difficulties in Kent. Their day centre offers students aged 17 – 68 a variety of activities through tailored timetables based on individual interests and personal development. These include horticulture, art, craft and design and cookery sessions.

The Fifth Trust received a grant of £11,000 towards the refurbishment of the canteen which was in need of updating and was no longer fit for purpose for the growing number of adults using the service. The works included removing and replacing walls and doors, refitting the kitchen area and painting and decorating.

The new space provides a bright and spacious canteen, which can accommodate all students and is accessible for those using wheelchairs or walking frames.  The cookery sessions, previously held twice a week in a small lobby, have now moved to the canteen kitchen and, as a direct result of the improved facilities, can be held four days a week with 38 students taking part. The afternoon cookery sessions are used to make jams and pickles which are sold in the Trust’s Teashop, extending the skills of the students and bringing in much needed revenue.

The refurbished canteen has made an enormous difference to the ambiance of the building and made it more comfortable and accessible for the 111 adults currently attending the day centre.