Inspire Arts Trust

Inspire Arts Trust logoInspire Arts Trust work with children and young people through music, dance and the creative arts, inspiring them to realise their full potential.
The charity focuses on working with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those who are not in education, employment or training. They run a number of projects, including a ‘Pop School’ for children and a ‘Street Dance Academy’ for young people. They applied to us for funding towards their DJ workshop, which they run from Ashfield Young Offenders Institution.
At the time of applying, Inspire’s DJ workshops were extremely popular and over-subscribed.  They didn’t have enough equipment, and what they did have was out of date. We awarded Inspire a grant of £4,600 to purchase new equipment – this covered the total cost of the project.
 Now that they are fully equipped, Inspire have expanded the number of music workshops which they run from Ashfield Young Offenders. They are also now working with young people on Ashfield’s ‘Release on Temporary Licence’ scheme at their performing arts complex near Bristol.
The project has been a great success. The workshops have given attendees a creative outlet, and the confidence and skills to pursue music as a career.