Plymouth Foodbank

Plymouth Foodbank provides nutritionally balanced food parcels to local people in crisis. In addition to food, they also provide information and advice, liaising with the job centre and benefits office as well as working in partnership with the Council to ensure local services are accessible.
The Clothworkers’ Foundation awarded a grant of £10,000 in 2014 towards the cost of replacing their temporary food storage containers with a larger purpose built structure to effectively facilitate weighing, sorting and storing food.
The new units are now up and running and have made a difference to both the volunteers and the people benefiting from the service they provide. It has made it easier for teams of volunteers to work together in a safer environment and is more accessible for volunteers with a disability to contribute.
The new space has also meant that the Foodbank has been able to store a larger amount of food which has led to them being able to increase the amount of food in each parcel as well as the range of toiletries they provide.  In addition to this, having a designated food storage area means that there is more free space in their centre for providing training and advice.
At Christmas, a local newspaper ran a campaign which led to 15,000kgs of food being donated. Without the new storage units, this is a volume that the Foodbank would have been unable to safely store.
A beneficiary of the Foodbank has said “…[the foodbank] has been a beacon of light to me. It felt like someone, well several people, really cards. And that has meant a huge amount to me and my son”