Rural Media

Rural Media empower people from disadvantaged, isolated, marginalised and vulnerable communities to participate in digital, arts and cultural educational activities in Herefordshire.
The Foundation awarded Rural Media £15,000 out of a total cost of £27,270 to purchase a vehicle in 2016. The vehicle enables service users to be transported, partake in outreach projects, events and screenings throughout the region.

Rural Media deliver various programmes such as:

Action for Autism are workshops with young people with an autism spectrum disorder and their carers’ that result in the production of a short film of their ideas and experiences.

Travellers’ Times work with Gypsy Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities to produce a national magazine and website on health, legal, education, finance and career development for the community.

Travelling Voices is a branch of Travellers’ Times, where media training and communication workshops are held. In addition, the GRT community are given advocacy courses. As a result, service users feel more confident and have better self-esteem to speak on behalf of their community.

This is Me help young people with learning disabilities into employment by expressing their skills, abilities and employment ambitions through creating a personal profile video.
Photo: Rural Media