Shenstone School

A child using an interactive whiteboardShenstone School in Kent is a specialist school for children with complex educational needs.
In 2012 the Friends of Shenstone applied to the Foundation for funding towards the purchase of specialist IT equipment, such as ‘tilt and touch tables’ (touch operated computer screens, which can be adjusted to be accessible to children who use wheelchairs).
Many of the pupils at the school find communicating difficult and the specialist equipment enables the children to develop alternate ways of communicating and interacting with their teachers and fellow pupils.
The Foundation awarded the school a grant of £10,000 towards the project, and the charity raised a further £30,000. The equipment was purchased soon after and is now being used by all 72 pupils at the school.
It takes time for children’s’ communication skills to improve, but the school is already seeing progress thanks to the new equipment. An IT club has been set up and there are plans in place to form a drama group, where the ‘tilt and touch tables’ will enable the children to make their own music for school productions.
The new equipment has made a huge difference to the ways in which the pupils at Shenstone School can participate in fun and educational activities and communicate with those around them.

Photos: Shenstone School