South Gwent Children's Foundation

Sparkle Appeal, as part of the South Gwent Children’s Foundation, work to improve the lives of children and young people with severe and complex disabilities. They take a holistic approach to therapy and offer a wide range of facilities and activities to the young people and their families, all under one roof.
In 2014, the Foundation granted Sparkle Appeal £10,000 towards sensory play equipment for their centre. The equipment was installed in July 2015 and forms part of a sensory room which is available for families to book and therefore have exclusive use of for a period of time. This gives children with disabilities and their families’ access to equipment that they normally would not have the opportunity to use and allows them to spend quality time together in a relaxed environment.
Since the sensory room officially opened in September, Sparkle Appeal received positive feedback from families who have used the room and noted that it is not just the children attending the centre for therapy who are benefitting but the whole family, parents and siblings included. Families have reported to feeling happy and relaxed after visiting the room and have enjoyed the opportunity of having somewhere they can easily have engaging play with their child.
Photos: Sparkle Appeal