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Most queries are covered by the information on this website and the FAQ.

If you still have a specific question that is not covered you can send us a message using the form below.

Before contacting us please note:

  • There are no deadlines for applications - applications are accepted all year round.
  • We can't help you decide whether to apply or give an indication of whether your application will be approved.
  • We don't have the resources to respond to queries which are covered by the information on this site

Saved application forms – an apology

This notice is only to those who have not already submitted their application. This does not apply to those who have already submitted their application.

We recently made a technical change which resulted in previously saved applications being deleted.
This was a mistake on our part, and we apologise unreservedly. We recognise the hard work (and time) that has been lost.
When you saved the application you will have received an email with a copy of all of your answers – you can copy and paste these answers into a new application form. This will be somewhat time consuming, and you will need to re-upload any documents, and for this we again apologise.
This issue does not affect applications saved on or after 16.11.2017.
Again, our apologies for this error.