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General questions
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1. Is there a deadline for applications?

No. All our programmes are rolling which means you can submit an application at any time. Read Main and Small Grant Programmes.

2. Is my organisation eligible for a grant?

Please read all the pages in the "Main and Small Grants Programmes" section to confirm if your organisation is eligible. 

3. How much can I apply for?

We do not ask you to request a specific amount. The Trustees decide what the grant amount should be. 

In the Main Grants Programme, we generally fund 10% or more of the balance of the project cost. The larger the project, the larger our grant is likely to be (but the smaller it will be as a percentage of the overall cost).

In the Small Grants Programme, we generally fund between 50% and 100% of the balance provided it does not exceed the maximum £10k grant. (Unless it is a vehicle, it does not exceed the maximum £15k grant)

4. How long will it take to assess my application?

5. My organisation has been turned down for a grant. Can we re-apply?

Once we have turned down an application, YOU CANNOT APPLY AGAIN FOR THE SAME PROJECT (please note, our definition of project are the items you are applying for). If you would like to apply for a different project (items), you must wait 6 months.


6. Are there any exceptions to the £15m/£250k income caps in the Main and Small Grants Programmes?

No. If your organisation receives more than £250k income per annum you cannot apply to the Small grants Programme, and must apply to the Main Grants Programme.

In the Main Grants Programme, if your organisation normally has an annual income of less than £15m but, as a one-off,  has exceeded this amount due to a capital fundraising project, we will accept an application. You must be expecting income of less than £15m in the following 3 years and your accounts must show an income of less than £15m in previous years. No other exceptions to the £15m income cap.

7. Do you fund students? (Mary Datchelor Trust)

No. We do not fund students. The Mary Datchelor Trust no longer exists.

8. My organisation is a church/ Community Interest Company or other not-for-profit organisation. Can we still apply?

You must demonstrate your not-for-profit status in the application form and your accounts. We fund the following types of charitable and not-for-profit organisations:

  • Charities registered with the Charity Commission including Community Interest Organisations (CIO)
  • Community Interest Companies (limited by guarantee without share capital)
  • ‘Exempt Charities’ (in which case we require details of your principal regulator and/or evidence of HMRC tax exemption)

We do not fund organisations who do not meet these requirements and a ‘Constitution’ document alone is not sufficient. 

9. My organisation is a new charity. Can we still apply?

You can apply but you must either
 be registered with Charity Commission, company limited by guarantee or charities exempt HMRC Tax. In addition, you must provide copies of financial records (management accounts showing income/expenditure and/or draft accounts) even if you do not yet have full accounts.

10.Will you fund my project working overseas? My organisation is registered in the UK.

No. We do not fund any overseas work, even if the organisation is a UK-registered charity.

11. Do you fund religious organisations?

We do not fund religious organisations which proselytise, promote religion, require employees to adhere to a particular faith, are only open to people of one faith or which make people from other faiths (or no faith) feel unwelcome.

We do fund organisations which are faith based but which do not impose their faith on service users or staff, and which do not encourage service users or staff to pursue religious activities.

Grant programmes

12. Which programme can/should I apply under?

Read this page: Main and Small grants programmes. If you are still unsure, use the diagram below to help you decide which programme you should apply under:
A flowchart showing how to decide which programme to apply under based on annual income and project size. This information is taken from the Open Grant Programmes pages.


Application process

13. Can I post my application?

No. We only accept applications made using our online application process.

14. My question has not been answered by the FAQ? Who can I email or call?

The Foundation is staffed by a small team so we are unable provide general guidance and advice, or answer questions where the information is already available on this site.

It is your responsibility  to determine whether your organisation is eligible for our funding by reading the guidelines on this website - we can't help you decide whether to apply or give an indication of whether or not your application will be successful.

If you have read all of the guidelines and the FAQ, and you still have a specific question that is not covered on the website, you can contact us.