The Clothworkers' Foundation
Terms and Conditions

  1. Grants from The Clothworkers’ Foundation (referred to below as “the Foundation”, “us”, “our”, “we”) to the recipient organisation (referred to below as “you”, “your”) are restricted funds. They may only be used towards the project and costs outlined in the application submitted to us, or as approved by us subsequently, and are not transferable.
  1. By signing and returning this document no later than the specified deadline you accept our offer of a grant as described in the Grant Offer Letter.
  1. The project must not change significantly before or after grant payment unless the changes have been approved by us in writing.
  1. The grant offer is valid for 12 months from the date of the Grant Offer Letter unless an extension has been approved by us in writing.
  1. Specific documents and evidence, determined by us, will be required to claim the grant.
  1. After the grant is paid, the money must be spent immediately or as specified in correspondence between us. If, after receiving the funds, there will be a significant delay in spending the money, all unspent funds must be returned to us immediately.
  1. Regular updates must be provided before grant payment. The number and frequency of updates will be decided by us.
  1. After grant payment you must provide a progress and/or final report as set out in the Grant Payment Letter and monitoring guidelines. We may also require further reports.
  1. You must also inform us immediately of any significant changes to the project and/or organisation until we inform you that the grant is closed.
  1. On completion of the project, any unspent part of the grant must be returned to us immediately.
  1. The grant must be recorded in your annual accounts as a restricted fund and not as general or unrestricted funds.
  1. Proper accounts, and financial records, for the project must be kept and be available for our inspection at any time.
  1. Annual accounts must be submitted for the year in which the grant is paid, and for any subsequent year(s) during which the grant, or a part of the grant, remains unspent.
  1. You are not an agent of the Clothworkers’ Foundation or any of its subsidiaries. You must not engage in bribery or accept bribes and must require the same of your agents and contractors in turn.
  1. The grant must not be used to offer bribes or facilitation payments. Discovery of such will result in the withdrawal of the grant, involvement of the police, and possibly civil action.
  1. We reserve the right to arrange to visit you to see the impact of the grant.
  1. We reserve the right to withdraw our grant offer, or reclaim grant funds already paid, if:
  1. There is any serious, irremediable or (after notice) repeated breach of any of these Terms and Conditions.
  1. You become insolvent or go into administration, receivership or liquidation and the project has not been completed.
  1. The application or subsequent correspondence was misleading, completed dishonestly, or significantly incorrect.
  1. The project does not complete on time, or within a reasonable period.
  1. Members of your governing body, volunteers, or staff, have acted dishonestly or negligently during the project period and to its detriment.
  1. You receive duplicate funding from another source for the same project (or part of the project).
  1. You do anything, or omit to do anything, which would or might bring the Clothworkers’ Foundation into disrepute.
  1. You have not communicated sufficiently with us or have ceased communicating with us entirely.
  1. The Grants Terms and Conditions remain in force until we inform you that the grant is closed.