You must be able to demonstrate that your organisation fits within one or more of our programme areas either exclusively or for the majority of the time.

If, in addition to the work which fits our programme areas, your organisation also does work which falls outside of them, you must be able to demonstrate that this forms only a small part of the overall activities of your organisation.

Alcohol and substance misuse
Projects supporting people affected by
drug and/or alcohol dependency, and
their families.
People with disabilities
Projects providing services for people
with physical and/or learning disabilities,
and/or for people with mental health issues.
Disadvantaged minority communities
Projects that work with minority communities facing both disadvantage (e.g.: economic
or cultural) AND discrimination (e.g.: due
to ethnicity, sexuality, faith) to:

1. Promote integration between minority communities and mainstream society,

2. Provide specialist services, and/or

3. Provide access to mainstream services

Disadvantaged young people
Projects which support disadvantaged young
people, particularly (but not limited to) those
in or leaving care, or not in employment,
education, or training.
Domestic and sexual violence
Projects supporting people affected by domestic
or sexual violence or abuse.
Older people
Projects providing services for older
people, in particular those living in
areas of high deprivation and/or where
rural isolation is an issue.
Projects providing services for people who are
homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Prisoners and ex-offenders
Projects supporting prisoners and/or
ex-offenders, or those at risk of offending,
and their families.
Visual impairment
Projects providing services for blind or visually
impaired people.