We do not fund non-capital costs.
These are the normal everyday costs of running your organisation, as well as any one-off costs which are not for tangible items. This includes:

Overheads Training
Volunteer expenses
Rent Lease of property or equipment
Websites Databases/software Professional fees

We also do not fund:

Hospices/NHS Charities Setting up/refurbishment of charity shops
Events Projects we have previously declined
Grant-making organisations General appeals
Medical research or equipment Emergency appeals
Marketing/literature/leaflets Political projects
Consumeables, such as clothes, food,
sports kit, and stationery. 

Heritage projects 

Arts or education projects unless they work
exclusively with people from the groups
described in our programme areas
Schools, colleges or universities unless
they work exclusively with physical
and/or learning difficulties

Students or individuals 
Organisations with an annual income of
more than £15m

Organisations that have received a grant
in the 5 years
Overseas work, even if charity is registered
in the UK

Statutory/Public bodies
(i.e. Local Authorities)

Organisations that promote a  particular
religion or only provide services to people
of a particular faith